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Now for real, Who am I?

My name is Ethan and I'm located in Israel. I like music, video games and coding. (that's pretty noticeable, isn't it? lol)

My skills



Video Games

Beautiful Design

I put a lot of effort into the design so it will be visually pleasing to you and potentially your visitors.


I have over 2 years of experience in HTML CSS and almost 1 year in JavaScript. I always try to do better and strive to make something different and special everytime.

Liked by others

According to my customers and previous clients, My service and commitment is something that you will barely see in others! I'm available most of the time and am trying to reply as quick as possible to everyone.

I make what people love ❤️

I take your ideas and turn them to reality. All you really have to do is sit patiently and relax.

What does it take to be a Web Developer & more...

My Work

With me, You won't have to worry bout' a thing.

I do all the work, and you just have to relax and enjoy the ride.